Data Management Planning

In the early stages of your research project you will need to consider how to plan for the management of research outputs, such as data. These efforts also syncronize with the requirements the Tri-Councils and other funding agencies have for ensuring effective management of publicly funded research data. Planning stages are broken down to the following.

  • Data Management Planning
    • Create a Plan [must be logged in]
      • Create a Data Management Plan using the Research Data Management Planning Tool. The final Plan can be shared with your colleagues and Library staff as a way to verify your requirements before attaching the Plan to a research grant proposal.
    • Your Plans [must be logged in]
      • Access your Plans or Plans that have been shared with you.
    • Planning Resources
      • Access additional information to help in developing the details of your Data Management Plan.
  • Grant Writing
    • Access a guide to grant writing from the UPEI Research Office.
  • Research Services Quick Start Guide
    • Access the Quick Start Guide from the Research Office, providing detailed information for all stages in your research efforts.
  • Funder Data Policies
    • Access additional information about Tri-Council open access and data management policies and mandates.