Terms of Deposit

You retain ownership of any content deposited into the University of Prince Edward Island's Research Data Repository (https://data.upei.ca). When selecting a license for your content (e.g. when you Archive or Publish) you agree to allow the Robertson Library to steward the content for as long as is necessary, and under the following terms:

  • you the Depositor warrant that you are the copyright holder of the work and/or have retained the unrestricted permission from other copyright holders to deposit the content to data.upei.ca;
  • Robertson Library shall always act so as to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of any data which it holds;
  • Robertson Library shall encourage users of the data file to make appropriate acknowledgement to the principal investigator(s) through bibliographic citations and similar acknowledgements in any publication or other presentation based upon the data file;
  • that these Terms and Conditions apply only to the data portion of the deposited content, but all documentation files and metadata are unrestricted and may be made available to any person, institution, or organization without restriction, unless otherwise specified by the Depositor;
  • Robertson Library may, consistent with good archiving practice and standards (see the Tri-Agency Draft Guidelines), alter the physical format of the data file, through cleaning, reformatting or other data processing techniques, and that the terms and conditions outlined herein shall also apply to such versions or editions of the data file as may be produced by these means;
  • you the Depositor release the Robertson Library and its staff of all liability from claims arising out of the use of this site;
  • Robertson Library will take reasonable care to preserve the integrity of the deposited data and will not be liable for loss of or damage to parts of or the entire deposit.