How do I share files/folders in my Workspace?

Sharing Folders

After logging in to your workspace, you are able to create folders and share them with others researchers.

There are three options for sharing:

  • Create a public link: Making the folder public will allow it to be shared with anyone who has the link

  • Add Users: You are able to share the folder with specific users. You can choose a user from the internal directory within Pydio, choose a user from your personal address book, or create a new user using a new identifier

  • Advanced setting: These settings provide the user with additional settings for a folder.
    1. Label: This will display when shared with another user
    2. Description: This setting provides a description of the folder and comments for users.
    3. Notification: This setting allows the user to decide whether or not to allow notifications when the content of the folder is access or changed.

Sharing Files

Sharing files follows the same process as sharing folders. Once a file is created or uploaded a sidebar will appear on the left, similar to the folder sidebar, and allow a user to share the file with similar options to the folder sharing options.