What is the WorkSpaces service?

WorkSpaces utilizes an open source file sharing platform called Pydio and is locally hosted and managed at the University of Prince Edward Island.  It provides 10Gb of secure storage space for researchers to manage and selectively share their active research data files.  Researchers can request additional storage space depending on their requirement.

What can you do with the WorkSpaces service?

  • Create a UPEI managed and backed up data workspace, similar to, but more secure than, a Dropbox account. Your data is also stored on servers at UPEI, so issues of privacy and security are addressed.
  • Synchronize data on your desktop with your WorkSpaces, so you only need to organize your data for all your Projects in one place, but be secure in knowing that it is backed up and managed effectively.
  • Create additional WorkSpaces for your research group or projects.
  • Collaborate with colleagues off campus by sharing your WorkSpaces before the data is published.

WorkSpaces: Pydio Web Client

  • Go to your WorkSpaces environment and organize your data, share with others, upload files and access other features of the Research Data Management service.

WorkSpaces Desktop Client: PydioSync

  • Download the PydioSync software and provide a dynamic syncronization of your research data to the secure UPEI server.