What is the Publish Data service?


The Publish Data service provides researchers with a space to publish their research data, as well as, a set of services that help promote and make your data more accessible. Data that needs to be preserved but not made shareable, should be added to the Archiving process. There are two possible approaches to making your research data more accessible.

Immediate or Private Data Sharing

  • Why
    • Make your data accessible to just a defined set of people, such as your collaborators. You would typically choose this option when you are not yet ready to publish your data (.ie., make it public).
    • Share your data with specific people.
  • How
    • You do this by selecting the folder or file you wish to share and choosing the "Share" option from the options on the side when the file is highlighted.

Published or Public Data Sharing

  • Why
    • Share your data publicly.
    • Publish your dataset, along with rich metadata and a DOI, including associating a license, such as a Creative Commons "Attribution-Share Alike" license.
    • Obtain a data citation which you can use in the same manner as any other citation, making it easier for others to cite your data.
    • Options for users to download or contact you.
    • Options for you to access detailed metrics of views and download activity.
    • Expose the datasets to external harvesters, which make your data more findable and accessible from systems like Google.
    • An institutional commitment to steward the researcher's data for as long as necessary.
  • How
    • Exporting/Publishing from your WorkSpaces:
      • You do this by selecting the folder or file you wish to share and choosing the "Export to Publish/Archive" option in the right-click menu.
      • Once you select this option you will be presented with a detailed form that allows you to add information that would create your data citation and make the dataset easier to find. You should pay particular attention to adding:
        • basic information about you
        • basic information about the license you wish to use and where the funding came from
        • any other descriptive information that will help put the data in context or make it more discoverable
        • whether or not you wish the data to be embargoed for a specific period of time before it is made public
    • Publishing directly in data.upei.ca